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As a young officer, he held positions in the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas, and in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam, and served as a company commander in the 24th Infantry Division ( Mechanized ) at Fort Stewart, Georgia. [5] [6] In 1978 Boykin volunteered for and completed a specialized selection course for assignment to the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, or Delta Force and held numerous leadership positions including operations officer, troop commander, squadron commander, deputy commander and finally unit commander from July 1992 to July 1994. Lieutenant Colonel Lewis H."Bucky" Burruss, helping with Delta Force selection in early 1978, recalled that Boykin "had a bad knee and I thought he would never make it.... I thought, I hate to see this guy busting his [butt], I don't see how he can make it on this bad road wheel, but he surprised us." He was finally accepted into the Delta Force at the age of 29. Burruss wrote at the time that "Jerry Boykin is a Christian gentleman of the highest order." Boykin believed God had a hand in things: "God led me into the Delta Force.... And He said to me, 'This is where you ought to be.'" [5]

Marissa quickly took stock of the situation and stopped Blurr from panicking so they could examine the wreckage and see if the ship's radio was still working. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 The radio was, indeed, still functional, and Marissa used it to contact Blaster on Earth as the trio were again set upon by the lightpoles. Blaster tried to assuage her fears by assuring her that Sky Lynx was on his way, but Marissa didn't even know who or what that was, so it didn't raise her spirits much. Soon after, the powerful Sky Lynx arrived on Io and blasted the lightpoles to bits, but before Marissa, Wheelie and Blurr could board his cargo pod, they were set upon by the newest Decepticon warriors, the Predacons . Marissa could do little in the battle that ensued, but was at least able to escape injury, nimbly vaulting over Rampage as he charged at her. After Sky Lynx had successfully dispatched the Predacons, the team headed for Earth at top speed, and successfully delivered the transforming cog in time for Metroplex to transform and fend off an attack by Trypticon . Soon after, Marissa stood beside her allies and watched as Rodimus Prime addressed the Autobot forces on their concurrent victory over the Quintessons . Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Mobilize - Before We BornMobilize - Before We BornMobilize - Before We BornMobilize - Before We Born