The animalhouse - small

However, the theme from the start seemed to be of taking one's time. After a debut gig in 1997 at London's Highbury Garage (as part of Shifty Disco's "Show Off" night), it wasn't until June of 1998 that they returned with their first official tour. The band were eager to start releasing material but soon found themselves in a bit of a legal scrap. The creators of the National Lampoon film series had problems with the band's name and the band soon added a "the" in front of their title. Nevertheless, it took almost two years for significant material to arise. After the distribution of some promos, Boilerhouse put out the band's first release in April of 2000, the Small EP.

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The Animalhouse - SmallThe Animalhouse - SmallThe Animalhouse - SmallThe Animalhouse - Small