Disappointed a few people - fuck with christ

I am not immune to this reaction. I attended the “clothing mass” when Elizabeth’s friend Hannah entered Carmel, and I was acutely conscious, the entire time, of Hannah’s parents in the pew across from me. I found myself musing about the hundreds of thousands of dollars her parents spent on her college tuition. I thought about the holidays they would celebrate without her, the loss of Hannah’s presence in their daily lives, the children she would never have. To be honest, these thoughts prevented me from entering fully into the quiet joy of the day, and when I found myself seated (at breakfast after Mass) across from parents whose own daughter had entered Carmel a year earlier, I asked many questions about the difficulty of living with such a choice. Brigitta’s parents seemed grateful to acknowledge some sadness about what they had given up when their daughter chose a cloistered life, but they kept coming back to the same refrain: “Brigitta is at peace.”

This is where it gets tricky. Being skinny is easy for a lot of people. The problem is that gaining some muscle requires them to eat more food and abandon the six-pack for a while. It’s getting back there while keeping all their muscle that is difficult.

Rocked by her family’s newfound fame, Kelsey took to Twitter again to assure everyone that “Papaw is perfectly fine.”

Disappointed A Few People - Fuck With ChristDisappointed A Few People - Fuck With ChristDisappointed A Few People - Fuck With ChristDisappointed A Few People - Fuck With Christ